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Who We Are

At Infinity Communications, we believe that good ideas know no limits. Whether you’re non-profit, biotech, medtech or pharma, we’re here to help you create breakthrough communications for a healthier world.

Working side-by-side with your organisation, we bring passion, ingenuity and academic rigour to every project – creating clarity from complexity and producing meaningful content that leaves a lasting impression.

Meet The Team

Geneva-based with an international reach, our team brings a unique blend of cross-sector experience that speaks to every audience – from patients and healthcare professionals to policy makers and global health actors.

Tailored Solutions

Our meticulous approach to research and execution allows us to create added value in all our assignments, regardless of the sector, brand, growth stage or audience.

Corporate Identity & Reputation

We create corporate identity tools and build reputation through stakeholder engagement.
  • Corporate identity, logo, narrative
  • Mission, vision and values
  • Investor/funder presentations
  • Media, digital and social media strategies
  • Internal stakeholder engagement
  • Annual and activity reports
  • ESG and responsible impact communications

Brand & Product Launch

We build brand equity through insight-led campaigns that drive audience engagement.
  • Brand positioning, differentiation and value
  • Visual concepts and branded digital platforms
  • Multi-channel, pre-launch or launch campaigns
  • Storytelling and content creation
  • Influencer engagement
  • Campaign delivery
  • Metrics tracking

Patient-Centric Programmes

We shape patient-centric programmes to deliver better experience and outcomes.
  • Patient centricity strategy
  • Patient advisory boards
  • Disease awareness materials
  • Patient education programmes
  • Quantitative or qualitative patient research
  • Company open-days for patients

Medical Communications

We combine science, storytelling and design to bring complex data to life and enhance message retention.
  • Scientific medical writing
  • Public health copywriting
  • Salesforce materials
  • Internal training materials
  • Mechanism of action animations
  • Expert engagement
  • Events and congress support

We help our clients thrive by delivering high-quality, targeted health communications on time and on budget.


What makes the difference in ensuring your data announcement is big news in and beyond your network? Let us help you with a carefully orchestrated communications strategy utilising scenario planning, message and narrative development, visual content production and targeted media outreach to clearly articulate the impact of your company’s findings.


Don’t go it alone. The journey from benchwork in the lab to courting investors and building a new brand is full of unknowns. We can help you build your brand identity and engage the right investors and media by designing a communications plan that allows for an impactful data, regulatory or IPO reveal.

Medical Devices

Need to raise your company profile to support a new CE mark? Our media engagement strategy goes beyond semantics to address the nuts and bolts. We can help ensure that the use of a new device meets regulatory requirements via branded detail aids, digital platforms for professional trainings and co-created educational content for patients.

NGOs & International Organisations

The first gateway to potential funders is clear communication. We develop case studies, testimonials, reports and compelling content to document your progress against global targets and show the true impact of your work. Media engagement strategies that leverage opinion pieces, videos, features and influencers ensure that your key messages reach the right stakeholders.
Our Expertise


Oncology, immunology, rheumatology, haematology, women’s health, respiratory, gut microbiome, diabetes, nutrition, rare diseases, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory diseases (originals and biosimilars), epigenetics, biogerontology, geroscience and infectious diseases.

Our Expertise

Global Health

Diagnostics R&D and equitable access in low- and middle-income countries, antimicrobial resistance, nutrition and malnutrition, global COVID-19 response.

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