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Banner from Just a Drop who is launching The Walk To The Well - a campaign to raise awareness of how a human’s potential to achieve in life is limited when they don’t have access to clean water.

Campaigns for Impact: Insights from our Global Health Moments Webinar

Global health communicators are often looking for ideas to rally support for a cause and secure resources for their organisations…
At a market in Kingabwa, community health workers from Action Humanitaire pour le Développement Durable Intégral Congolais (Humanitarian Action for Congolese Sustainable Development) distribute condoms and share family planning information to educate the community about reproductive health options.

Communicating health: challenges, trends and opportunities

Health is a complex and multifaceted issue. The challenges faced today will not be resolved in silo. Whether you work…

Social Media for Impact: Insights from our Global Health Moments webinar

Social media can be an extremely powerful tool for organisations to make an impact. Get it right, and your campaign…

How to perfect your proofreading

As health communications professionals, we love creating high-quality content that speaks to every audience. We know how easy it can…

Patient Engagement Travels: join us to explore this exciting, changing landscape

Patient engagement is the topic du jour. But what is it all about? How is patient engagement being integrated through…

From the lab to health communications: how a PhD in biomedical research can launch your career in medical writing

Are you finishing your PhD and considering your options outside of academia? Have you considered a role in health communications?…
"Everyone Has A Story " written under torn pink paper

Storytelling for impact

Stories are a part of life. From cave paintings and hieroglyphics to TikTok, they help convey culture, forge connections, create…

Five essential steps for your next strategic workshop

At Infinity, we help our global health and business clients address a range of challenges – whether it’s identifying barriers…

Three ways to boost your global health organisation’s presence on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a unique professional setting compared to other social media. Is your organisation reaching and engaging with the right…

How to write words that work

We all write hundreds, if not thousands of words every day. From email correspondence to marketing materials and reports...