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Perspectives from the Team



Five essential steps for your next strategic workshop

At Infinity, we help our global health and business clients address a range of challenges – whether it’s identifying barriers…

Three ways to boost your global health organisation’s presence on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a unique professional setting compared to other social media. Is your organisation reaching and engaging with the right…

How to write words that work

We all write hundreds, if not thousands of words every day. From email correspondence to marketing materials and reports...

Four lessons for communicators from the Geneva Health Forum

Geneva is where diplomacy, policy and health meet. And nowhere is this more true than at the Geneva Health Forum...

Healthcare start-ups and communications: Three pillars to rely on

As healthcare communications professionals with close to twenty-five years of combined experience, we have witnessed the fundamental importance...
Priscilla Du Preez

Patient centricity in healthcare communications – Are we ready for what’s next?

One of the biggest trends in healthcare over the past decade has been the rise of patient centricity...