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Our health communications events

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Health is a dynamic and complex field. As communicators, we all have a responsibility to change with it, stay ahead of new trends, and open ourselves up to new ideas and opportunities. 

Free to attend, our portfolio of events cover key areas of healthcare communications, from global health to patient engagement.

Designed with the needs of global health communicators in mind, our Global Health Moment webinar series is your chance to make new connections, sharpen your skills and stay ahead of current trends and best practices.

Past episodes

Episode 3: Campaigns for impact (November 2023)

We discussed key elements of successful campaigns, as well as pitfalls to avoid, with Brendan Hanlon, Head of Communications and Fundraising at Just a Drop.

Episode 2: Social media for impact (March 2023)

Guest speakers Lilian Kamanzi Mugisha (Amref Africa) and Dante Licona (Social media strategist and consultant) shared their experiences working in social media to promote public health messages and inspire change. Read the insights in our blog.

Episode 1: Storytelling for impact (November 2022)

Our Senior Content Consultant Jennifer Ruthe shared insights on the role, responsibility and impact of storytelling in global health.
Read the insights on our blog.

What is patient engagement and how do we tap into it? Travel with us every other month as we tackle a new theme, explore different case studies and hear from patients and topic experts.

Read our blog post on patient engagement. 

Past episodes

Episode 3: Meet Katie Joyner and Nicole Wicki (June 2023)

In this webinar, we explored the terrain of fair pay for patient engagement, primarily (but not only) with pharmaceutical companies. How can this work be fairly framed? What user-friendly contracts exist? What values should guide this work? What tools can you use? Recording and resources

Episode 2: Meet Maria Lawal and Dr Rachel Taylor (April 2023)

We learned about the BRIGHTLIGHT study and 12 vibrant years of collaborating with teenagers and young adult patients in cancer research. We heard about how researchers worked with young people on their observational cancer study, and how these relationships have grown and led to other synchronicities and teamwork. Recording and resources

Episode 1: Meet Joan Jordan (February 2023)

Joan Jordan shared her experiences contributing as a patient expert to awareness raising via art and blogging and clinical trial design. Recording and resources

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